Pearl Engagement Rings

Pearl Engagement Rings

Learn How to Buy a Pearl Ring

Purchasing a pearl ring as an engagement ring or gift is among one of the most exciting categories in pearl jewelry and bridal fashion. We are so happy you visited our site as we have a lot of options to offer. American Pearl is one of the few pearl websites that has a complete line of pearl engagement rings.

When people think about buying an engagement ring, there is a lot of tradition associated with buying a diamond ring. However, people are now turning to pearl rings as an excellent option for an engagement ring. After all, pearls are beautiful, extremely rare and one of the few truly organic gems.

Knowing this, our designers have spent nearly a decade designing a line of pearl rings that are perfectly suited for engagement rings. From simple classic solitaire rings with one pearl, to a halo of round brilliant diamonds that surround a single pearl to wedding band sets, you are sure to find the largest selection of rings available online or in a store. We designed our pearl ring line knowing that many of our clients are looking for the same sophistication in design and detail they would find in traditional diamond rings.

In this guide, we feature all the different pearl styles and we explain their aesthetics to you to help in the buying process. We further guide you to each section of our website where you can browse these styles. For nearly every ring style, you can select South Sea Pearls, Tahitian Pearls, Golden Pearls, Akoya Pearls and Freshwater Pearls. You can further choose the color in each pearl type you are looking for, the metal color and purity and even the gemstones (ruby, sapphires, etc...)

We truly believe that the combination and sophistication of design and style make the pearl engagement ring one of the best choices available for the bridal market. Pearls are equal in their beauty to traditional diamonds, and in many cases more rare, and only cost a fraction of the price of their diamond counterparts.

  1. Solitaire Pearl Rings

    The first category of of ring style we will introduce is the Solitaire Pearl Ring. Distinguished by one single pearl set above a simple band, this ring style is a classic that will endure time. American Pearl offers different band styles from comfort fit to knife edge to petite size to suit every hand size and requirement.

    Solitaire Pearl Ring

  2.  Halo Pearl Rings

    The halo style category is among the most popular pearl ring styles. A single round pearl is surrounded by an array of round (or other shape) diamonds of varying quantity and size. You can choose from fewer larger sized diamonds that make up the halo surround for a more impactful look, or a choose a higher quantity of smaller size diamonds for a more refined understated look. It is typical to complement the look of the halo design by setting diamonds on the band of the ring as well. Beneath the halo of diamonds or gemstones is a cup or basket that holds the pearl and secures it to the ring's band. The halo ring is a timeless classic that has featured the center showcases of the finest jewelry stores in the world for decades.

    Halo Pearl Ring 

  3.  Pearl Ring with Side Stones

    Also known as the past, present and future ring, this pearl ring with side stone features one larger solitaire pearl in the center flanked by at least one diamond or gemstone on either side. American Pearl features round brilliant diamonds, trillions, baguettes and even emerald cut diamonds in its collection. Simply elegant, this minimalist geometric design creates a classic look that includes beautiful gemstones of your choice to timeless ring.

    Pearl Ring With Side Stones


  4.  Vintage Pearl Rings

    Generally speaking, antique jewelry has to be about 100 years old. Vintage jewelry is not as old and most probably made after 1920 and is used or second hand. The pearl rings we feature here look like vintage jewelry but are made new based on the styles of some of the most impressive rings.

    Vintage Pearl Ring

  5.  Pearl Wedding Sets

    When you purchase a pearl engagement ring with American Pearl, you have the comfort of knowing that as you approach your wedding day and are in need of a wedding band to match, our pearl designers have the expertise to create a stunning matching band to the ring. Look for the "Wedding Sets" filter on the side of our product pages to view these items.

    Pearl Ring Wedding Set

  6.   Pearl Tension Rings

    Although not a true tension ring, American Pearl's tension rings are designed to look like a pearl is floating in mid air between the ends of the band while offering the safety and securing of knowing that the pearl is actually set permanently into the structure of the ring with a screw post.

    Pearl Tension Rings

  7. Pave Pearl Ring

    Pave pearl rings have a large number of tiny diamonds that cover or blanket the surface of a ring. This style creates an expensive look without spending more for one larger solitaire diamond.

Pave Pearl Ring


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