Tahitian Pearl Facts

Tahitian Pearl Facts

Tahitian Pearl Facts

How much are Tahitian Pearls Worth?

Black Tahitian Pearls

A guide evaluating the value of Tahitian Pearls:

  1. Are your pearls round?  Round pearls are the most valuable pearls in the marketplace as it takes longer for the farmers to produce a perfectly round pearl; otherwise known as a paragon.
  2. Are your pearls clean? Clean pearls whose surfaces show few imperfections are worth more that blemished pearls.  To learn more, click here to education yourself about Tahitian Pearl harvesting.
  3. Are your pearls lustrous? High luster pearls that have a strong mirror-like quality are more valuable than dull pearls that are more common.
  4. Do the pearls in your necklace match? A well matched strand of Tahitian pearls (unless they were deliberately made to be multicolor) are extremely rare and add value to your pearl neckalce.
  5. What color are your pearls? Darker color Tahitian pearls with rich hues like dark black green, peacock color and aubergine are more coveted and worth more than lighter grey pearls.

Tahitian Pearl Color Chart

Shopping for Tahitian Pearls

A Guide to making the right purchase.
Consumers shopping for a Tahitian Pearls are often presented with the choice of finding the exact gift for the right occasion.  In many instances, a newly married couple will return from their honeymoon in French Polynesia with great memories.  Since French Polynesia is where Tahitian Pearls originate, it has fueled the popularity of Tahitian jewelry as an anniversary gift.
At American Pearl, we offer a full range of jewelry listed below in their order of populatiry.  This can help you make a selction without giving away a surprise! And learn more about other gift giving occassions.

How do you know which Tahitian pearls to buy?

      1. Tahitian Pearl Necklaces - A collection of similar size and shape Tahitian Pearls drileld through and strung together on double stranded silk thread with double knots between the pearls to cusion them.  A Tahitian Pearl necklace is a great gift for the holidays, an anniversary or birthday. Tahitian Pearl Necklace
      2. Tahitian Pearl Earrings - Our second most popular category, Tahitian earrings are an easy way to see if she likes black pearls with out making a substantial investment. Today, pearl earrings are a stable of any woman's wardrobe and black Tahitian Pearls are a must have.Tahitian Pearl Earrings
      3. Tahitian Pearl Rings - Shoppers are typically buying Tahitian pearl rings as an engagtement ring; especially as pearls are a conflict-free alternative to diamonds. Not noly this, a pearl ring is truly rare and a fraction of the cost of a polished diamond.

Tahitian Pearl Rings

    1. Tahitian Pearl Pendants - Purchasing a full necklace is costly as a typical 8mm neckalce can have over 40 pearls on it.  A pearl pendant is a great way to buy a necklace without invensting in a full strand of pearls.

Tahitian Pearl Pendant

  1. Tahitian Pearl Bracelets - A Tahitian Bracelet is a great compliment to an existing pearl necklace or ring and is a nice way to complete the set.  These are the different types of bracelets offered usually in 7 inches:
      • Simple Bracelet 
    Simple Tahitian Pearl Bracelet
      • Braclet with Diamond Rondelles
    Tahitian Pearl Bracelet with Diamond Rondelles
      • Double Strand Bracelet
    Triple Strand Tahitian Pearl Bracelet
      • Pearl and Leather Bracelet
    Pearl and Leather Bracelet
      • Tin Cup Bracelet
    Tahitian Tin Cup Bracelet
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