Pearl Earring Guide

We are going to show you the different types of pearl earrings available to help you make the right purchase. Also, please feel free to click the video below.

With all the earring styles available, how do you know what pearl style is best for you? You can shop for any pearl earring style in all the Pearl Types by clicking the links below:

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1. Pearl Studs

This is the Classic Pearl Stud Earring style that proves to be the most popular. A complete fully round pearl is set in what we call a cup post setting as shown for pierced ears. If you look at the backings on our pearl earring posts, we use the finest quality scallop designed heavyweight backs money can buy so the pearl earrings will be enjoyed for a long time. Each post also has a safety notch at its end that acts as a locking mechanism to prevent the backing from sliding off. A pearl stud sits directly on the earlobe and is a staple of any womanís wardrobe as it is the the first pearl earring pair she should own. She can wear it every day or dress it up for fancy occasions. A pearl stud is also the perfect style to complement a pearl necklace to complete a set.

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How to Buy Pearl Stud EarringsHow to Buy Pearl Studs

2. Pearl Dangle Earrings

The Dangle Earring is the 2nd most popular earring style as its casual design is easy to wear. Made with a lever back, a shepherds hook, a french wire, a pearl or a bezel set diamond on top, this fashionable design lends itself well for daily wear or as a gift to teenagers for birthdays and school-related coming-of-age occasions, confirmations, bat mitzvahs and Sweet Sixteens.

How to buy a Dangle Pearl EarringHow to Buy Dangle Earrings

3. Pearl and Diamond Earring

This earring is the Pearl and Diamond earring style. Itís similar to the simple pearl stud that sits on the earlobe but itís delicately accented with diamonds to make it look more brilliant and impactful and therefore appropriate for important occasions.

How to buy Pearl & Diamond EarringsHow to Buy Pearl and Diamond Earrings

4. Pearl Hoop Earrings

This earring design is the very fashionable and popular Hoop Earring. Offering a simple, casual open airy look that very easily combines the finest craftsmanship and style to accessorize the latest fashion trends which present themselves by the top designers in the world. Choosing the right design completes an outfit and is sure to complement the wearer's look!

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How to buy Hoop Pearl EarringsHow to Buy Hoop Earrings

5. Statement Pearl Earrings

This earring is the Statement Earring. Characterized by a cluster of the finest quality diamonds or gemstones expertly matched and set aside the finest quality TRUE AAA Quality pearls, it is absolutely majestic and fit for a queen. Simply regal and extremely rare. For a refined, discriminating woman. This earring is perfect for the bride to wear on her wedding day, or as a wedding-day gift from the groom or family. It is also perfect for important black tie events.

How to buy Statement EarringsHow to Buy Pearl Statement Earrings

6. Pearl Halo Earrings

This earring is the halo earring design. Similar to the pearl and diamond earring style, the halo earring features an array of matched diamonds or gemstones that surround the pearl in a perfect concentric circle offering a stunning and captivating look. Each diamond or gemstone is set in an open gallery to allow the maximum amount of light to pass through. If you look closely, you will see the brilliance of the diamonds reflected in the surface of the pearlís surface. A phenomena only visible in TRUE AAA Quality Pearls from American Pearl.

How to Buy Halo Pearl EarringsHow to buy Halo Earrings

7. Arc De Triomphe Pearl Earrings

The Arc De Triomphe Style earring was envisioned and created by American Pearlís very own designers. A new concept where creativity and innovation come together to create a new art form in pearl jewelry. A beautiful hinged arc defines the style of the earring as shown as well as serving as its mechanism. A TRUE AAA Quality pearl, the best quality in the world, is further emblazoned with a design on its front connecting it to the hinge. This stunning new design is sure to be timeless.

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How to buy Arc De Triomphe Pearl EarringsHow to Buy Arc De Triomphe Pearl Earrings

8. Double Pearl Earrings or Duplex Earrings

A magnificent selection of four matched pearls one larger, the other noticeably smaller are set together to create the Duplex Earring style. Wear the smaller pearl in front while the larger pearl sits behind the earlobe offering a stunning backdrop of two pearls to make this high-fashion piece. The smaller pearl is connected to a threaded post that screws in to the base of the larger pearl.

How to buy Duplex Pearl EarringsHow to Buy Duplex Pearl Earrings

As you can see from our website, you can filter all of these styles on both Desktop and Mobile to find the perfect pearl earrings.