A Brief History of Pearls: Luster of South Sea Pearls

  A brief history of pearls


All About South Sea Pearl Luster

In the world of pearls, South Sea pearls are highly coveted. Developing in the Pinctada maxima mollusk in Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines, South Sea pearls are rare, coveted and beautiful. You'll commonly see beautiful white South Sea pearls as well as the truly enchanting golden South Sea pearls in this class. One of the things that makes South Sea pearls so valuable is their luster.

What is pearl luster? The term luster refers to the way a pearl's surface reflects and refracts light. South Sea pearls produce a luster unlike any other type of pearl.

South Sea Pearls' Nacre Lends Itself to Brilliance

How do these pearls get their stunning luster? Because South Sea pearls have a particularly thick coating of nacre, they usually have a soft, rich luster. They often have a satiny sheen, and they're less mirror-like than other cultivated saltwater pearls are.

South Sea pearls have a beautiful iridescence that you won't see in pearls with thinner nacre.

Judging a South Sea Pearl's Value on Luster

Luster is one of the most important factors in any pearl's value, and it's no different with South Sea pearls. These iridescent gems range in value based on how lustrous they are; more lustrous pearls justify a higher price because they are rarer and more prized than those with low lusters are. Of course, factors such as size, smoothness, body color and surface perfection will also affect South Sea pearl value.

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