A Brief History of Pearls: Quality Factor Four : Color

  A brief history of pearls


Pearls come in a stunning array of colors, with some types of oysters producing only one color. The truth is that pearls range in color from white to black and cover the entire spectrum.

While no color is considered superior to another, at least as far as quality is concerned, some colors compliment different skin tones better than others do. Generally, rosé, silver and white pearls are a beautiful match with fair skin; cream and gold-toned pearls are often more flattering against darker complexions.

As with all other jewelry and fashion accidents, color is a matter of preference.

Pearl Color Basics

You'll find pearls all over the color palette. It's important to know that when pearl experts discuss the color of a pearl, they are simply referring to the body color of the pearl - not its luster, overtones or orient.

Many pearls require some type of treatment before going to market. These treatments can include polishing, bleaching or dyeing.

How pearls form in oysters
How pearls are harvested
How pearls brought to market
Know your Akoya pearls
Akoya Pearl Cultivation
Akoya Pearl Harvesting
Akoya Pearl Processing
Akoya Pearl Evaluation
Quality Factor One: Luster
Luster of Akoya Pearls
Quality Factor Two: Surface
Surface of Akoya Pearls
Quality Factor Three: Shape
Shape of Akoya Pearls
Quality Factor Four: Color
Color of Akoya Pearls
Quality Factor Five: Size
Size of Akoya Pearls
Know your South Sea pearls
South Sea Pearl Cultivation
South Sea Pearl Harvesting
South Sea Pearl Processing
South Sea Pearl Quality Evaluation
Luster of South Sea Pearls
Surface of South Sea Pearls
Shape of South Sea Pearls
Color of South Sea Pearls
Size of South Sea Pearls
Know your Tahitian pearls
Tahitian Pearl Cultivation
Tahitian Pearl Harvesting
Tahitian Pearl Processing
Tahitian Pearl Quality Evaluation
Luster of Tahitian Pearls
Surface of Tahitian Pearls
Shape of Tahitian Pearls
Color of Tahitian Pearls
Size of Tahitian Pearls
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