A Brief History of Pearls: Tahitian Pearl Quality Evaluation

  A brief history of pearls


The evaluation of Tahitian pearls is a rigorous process. It involves sorting pearls by shape, size, luster and color, and once they're separated into these broad categories, they're further classified.

Evaluating Quality of Tahitian Pearls

Like all other pearls, exotic Tahitian pearls are judged on several factors, including:

The most beautiful Tahitian pearls typically increase in value, making them a good investment for savvy consumers.

Naturally, large and round pearls have a higher value than smaller pearls with irregular shapes. With all other factors being equal, the larger the pearl, the more valuable it is. Round pearls are the most difficult to culture.

Some Tahitian pearls - particularly the colored varieties - produce a luminescence and color intensity that you won't find in other pearls. In some cases, they're incredibly vibrant. The most costly and valuable Tahitian pearls have a breathtaking overtone and a shimmering orient, which is the iridescent color on or just below the pearl's surface.

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