A Brief History of Pearls: Shape of Akoya Pearls

  A brief history of pearls


One of the most important factors in an Akoya pearl's value is its shape. Some shapes are more common than others are. In fact, Akoya pearls rarely appear as buttons, circles or ovals.

The most common shapes of Akoya pearls are:

  • Round
  • Semi-round
  • Drop
  • Baroque

Because these pearls are so beautiful, they're a prized asset in many jewelry collections. In order to find an exceptionally matched necklace strand, a pearl expert must sort through thousands of pearls.

How Does Shape Affect the Value of Akoya Pearls?

Naturally, every pearl has its own distinct characteristics. Although shape is an important factor in determining an Akoya pearl's value, it isn't the only factor. Like other types of pearls, both natural and cultured, Akoya pearls are judged on their size, luster and color, as well as a number of other characteristics.

The circumstances under which Akoya pearls are produced are typically very controlled, but the outcome is far from predictable. That's why completely round pearls are still rarer than those with irregular shapes are.

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