Tahitian Pearl Grace Earring

Id: GE925MM
Type: Earring
Earrings: Stud Earrings
Dimensions: .36 inches wide (9.25mm) .49 inches high (12.65mm) .76 inches deep (19.54mm)
Gold Purity: 18K
Gold Color: White
The Grace Earring is made with .68g of gold.
# of Pearls: 2
Body Color: Dark Black Tahitian
Size: 9.25 mm
Shape: Round
Quality: True AAA
Luster: Excellent
Surface: Clean
Origin: French Polynesia
Water: Saltwater
Kind: Cultured Pearl
Nacre: Very Thick
Mollusk: Tahitian Pearl: Pinctada Margaritifera
Gemstone: Diamond
# of Diamonds: 2
Total Carat Weight: 00.32cts
Size: 3.50 mm
Shape: Round
Clarity: Si1: Slightly Included
Color: G (nearly Colorless)

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A simple classic elegant pearl and gemstone earring stud. Two 9.25mm TRUE AAA Quality Pearls are peg set and sit on beautiful scalloped cups. They are accented by 3.5mm size gemstones that sit just below the pearls . Click the customize button above to personalize this pearl earring with any gemstone and metal combination you can imagine.
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