Diamond Ball Rondell Clasp

  • Diamond Ball Rondell Clasp
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A diamond ball center split clasp with rondells is to pearls as a star is to a Christmas tree. One finishes the other. This classic clasp is usually assigned to dress up those more expensive larger sized pearl necklaces. If one were to visit the finest jewelry stores in the world, a diamond ball is always affixed to the better necklaces. It is customary to choose a diamond ball clasp size that is one millimeter over the size of the largest pearl on the necklace. Worried about this mechanically engineered clasp undoing? You needn't. It takes over 10 rotations of the screw and bolted mechanism to open up. And turning this sparkling sphere to open up has no affect on the silk string of your pearl necklace. The ends are affixed by two gold jump rings that swivel—allowing the ball to turn without fraying the silk thread. Available in yellow gold as well as white gold. American Pearl's staff recommends white gold. A diamond ball clasp stationed with two rondells that adds a twist to the standard ball clasp. This clasp is available in each size from 9mm through 12mm. As one goes up in size, the diamond weight in each clasp also increases. Please see the drop down menu below for price versus diamond weight options.