Pearls - The New Colored Gems

Pearls  -  The New Colored Gems
White always sells. Black has built a permanent base of popularity. Now customers can show their affinity for cultured pearls in a whole rainbow of colors

Cultured Pearl experts scratched their heads through most of the early 1990s because of flat sales of pearls in jewelry stores. Was it lack of product knowledge and sales training? Or were pearls just suffering the downside of their traditional in/out of fashion cycle.

Today, no one is wondering about cultured pearl sales. Popular fashion shows and countless ads for clothing feature them. Some experts do wonder what will happen, however, when consumers tire of the ubiquitous ads for white and now black pearls.

The answer, believe some market watchers, lies in the rainbow of other colors in which pearls strut their stuff. Designers first embraced pink, then gray and now even golden pearls. Pearl dealers in New York City, is betting on additional consideration of color as a driving force in the pearl market. “What the fascination with Tahitian pearls did for the market was show consumers the pearls can be considered true colored gemstones. There are so many variations.”