Keepsake - 10.5 x 11.5mm White Australian South Sea Cultured Pearl

  • Keepsake - 10.5 x 11.5mm White Australian South Sea Cultured Pearl
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This 10.5mm x 11.5mm white Australian South Sea baoque cultured pearl is baroque in shape and perfectly clean. Silver overtones in White Australian south sea pearls are very majestic making this pearl that much more sought after. Known for their large sizes, Australian pearls take the prize for maximum impact. Where quality is concerned, you needn't worry. This pearl is perfectly clean and A quality the highest grade of the A, B, C and D nomenclature assigned to grade south sea baroque pearls. Characterized by their irregular, distorted shapes, many pearl aficionados prefer the natural look and feel of these so called "baroque" cultured pearls that have no axis of symmetry. When worn around the neck, many women feel that their irregularities add to their beauty. Either way, the allure of white cultured south sea baroque pearls is not only in their natural look, but their affordability as compared to round pearls. As a keepsake, you can gift this paragon of a pearl to her to mark a sentimental moment in your life. At any time, you are able to return back to American Pearl™ to have this special pearl set in a necklace or ring. You may even match it up at a later date for earrings. This pearl is truly one of a kind.