Keepsake - 13.8mm Loose Golden South Sea Cultured Pearl

  • Keepsake - 13.8mm Loose Golden South Sea Cultured Pearl
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This glorious 13.8mm Golden South Sea Cultured Pearl Necklace holds the title for rarity. Among pearl aficionados, golden pearls are seldom seen and prized by collectors for this reason. Golden pearls are nature's gift from the Pinctada Maxima oyster whose natural habitat is either Indonesia or Australia. Pearl grafting technicians carefully implant a sliver of the super golden mantle tissue which borders the perimeter of the Pinctada Maxima oyster along with the mother of pearl bead which initiates the formation of a pearl. It is the meticulous selection of the golden mantle tissue which allows this oyster to deliver a super-saturated vivid golden colored pearl. This pearl boasts a 24K color, a unit of measure for the finenest of golden pearls, the highest possible saturation. This pearl is perfectly round and A quality the highest grade of the A, B, C and D nomenclature assigned to grade these pearls. As a keepsake, you can gift this paragon of a pearl to her to mark a sentimental moment in your life. At any time, you are able to return back to American Pearl™ to have this special pearl set in a necklace or ring. You may even match it up at a later date for earrings. This pearl is truly one of a kind.