Title: Web Designer/Graphic Artist

Description: We are looking for an individual who has mastered the most current software used in the construction of modern dynamic web pages to be used in our e-commerce site ( This could include Flash, Dream Weaver, Director, Photoshop and Fireworks. This person should be fluent with this software. This individual would also have experience using a digital camera. Several product shots would be taken of each item in our inventory, brought into Photoshop and retouched, making them look three-dimensional by adding silhouetting and shadowing. Image quality is our top priority. These images would be put into a web page having a dynamic interface that would be consistent with our site (please feel free to visit the site), yet add a sense of interactivity. For a sample of what we are talking about, please visit the website called at the following URL: This page is a good example with its top product panel featuring rollover for different thumb nail views for the same product. As the user rolls over a thumb nail, the given product changes. Using the attached images, please feel free to retouch them and construct a page that you feel incorporates the multiple product panel. Also, please feel free to add as much as you can to make the website page outstanding while keeping the same look and feel of the website. Education of product is our top priority. As these attached images are of a ring, please feel free to visit our web site and view what we have in place under rings to stay consistent. We are asking several candidates to submit their version of the previously described project. Our staff will review what we feel is the finest job and hire a candidate based on this. If you can post the web page that you have constructed on the internet that would be best. Then, Please send us an email titled "Job-555" with a link to this page.

We are also looking for a candidate who has technical drawing skills. Someone who can draw images showcasing the mechanical movements of fine jewelry parts such as that featured at this link of the website

Once you visit this page, click on "click for hinged snap back details."

Please Use all of the images in your panel of thumbnails.

We are eager to hire someone and we encourage you to view our website at to learn about our company. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at Some graphic artists may not feel comfortable posting there work on the internet. We can assure you that your work is your own and will not be used by American Pearl without your written permission. We are simply using this project to help find the right candidate with the right skill level. The salary will be offered to you based on your skill level. We look forward to receiving a response from you. If we believe you are a good candidate, we would like to set up a job interview with you in your New York office. Thank you.