Cultured Saltwater Pearl Chord - 16 inches

  • Cultured Saltwater Pearl Chord - 16 inches
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In the world of music, a chord is a combination of three or more pitches sounding simultaneously. In the world of jewelry, you have just discovered it. This fashion forward twisted silk chord is available in every color under the rainbow—-as it should be. This is the hottest fashion trend going. Mix and match any hue you like to create a pastel arrangement of colors or choose two or more opposing colors for some contrast. Wearable in any combination of one, two, three or four necklaces at a time, you can custom tailor your look to suit your personality and style. From the single solitude of one "smart" looking necklace to the combined luxuriance of multiple strands, this look cannot be beat. If your favorite color is red, double up this color with a two-strand necklace that is absolutely red hot; just like the price. At $75 a necklace, the PEARL CHORD is priced to please. And if one CHORD per PEARL is not enough, that's ok. You can purchase any chord on its own for only $8.

If you have a daughter or niece aged 8 to 16, the PEARL CHORD is mandatory. It offers all the joys of precious jewelry without the responsibility of loss or damage associated with more expensive pieces. She'll give special meaning to this charm for the rest of her life.

If you're wondering about the pearls attached to each silk chord, they are natural color black Tahitian baroque south sea cultured pearls farmed in the waters of French Polynesia. Yes, these are the same pearls they sell at Tiffany & Co. Don't try to remember what they look like either. Each one's unique. Each pearl is affixed on a twist of silver wire that threads its way through the pearl and around a silk chord. Yes, each silk chord comes with its own pearl.

You are certain to see the PEARL CHORD around; hopefully your neck as well.

Necklace is priced as per twisted silk thread necklace with one baroque pearl. To acquire the three rope look please place additional order into your shopping cart.