Graduated Cultured Pearl Necklaces

Japanese Akoya cultured pearl strands are not only sold in uniform sizes where all the pearls in a strand have a half millimeter graduation. One may purchase cultured pearl strands that graduate. Usually, in a graduated Japanese Akoya cultured pearl strand, their is a 4 millimiter range of graduation. For example, a necklace may graduate from 4 millimteters up to 8 millimeters. On this necklaces, the pearls at the end of the strand start at 4 millimeters and evenly graduate up to 8 milllimeters which is the center of the necklace. On a graduating necklace, their is only one pearl which is 8 millimeters to give the necklace balance.Now that you have selected a pearl millimeter size that you are interested in, you can actually view the range of qualities available in this size. The A, A+, AA and AAA pearl grading system was popularized by fine jewelry stores across the country. Please be cautious in shopping for pearls. One sellers AAA quality may be another's AA quality. Only a handful of stores with an impeccable repuation for selling pearls truly sell pearls that match the quality of the A, A+, AA and AAA grading system. In addition, the photographs featured below are crisp and sharp enough so you can actually see the differences in qualities and understand for yourself. This is your opportunity to became a pearl grading expert. You can now take of the blinders that other websites have you wearing because of their poor quality photographs. AMERICAN PEARL's staff frequently visits these stores to insure that our quality matches their's. Not only that, it is these retail stores that have been our customers for the past 50 years.