Golden South Sea Pearl Earring Cluster Diamond Cap 4.37 carats t.d.w.

Id: HW214
Dimensions: 1.42 inches high (36.21mm) .58 inches wide (14.98mm) .65 inches deep (16.68mm)
# of Pearls: 2
Body Color: Golden
Size: 12.00 mm
Shape: Round
Quality: True AAA
Luster: Excellent
Surface: Clean
Origin: Indonesia Or Philippines
Water: Saltwater
Kind: Cultured Pearl
Nacre: Very Thick
Mollusk: South Sea Pearl : Pinctada Maxima
Gemstone: Diamond
# of Diamonds: 88
Total Carat Weight: 4.37cts
Size: 1.50 mm
Shape: Round
Clarity: Vs1: Very Slightly Included
Color: E (colorless)
Cut Grade: Ideal
Gold Purity: 18K
Gold Color: Yellow
The Cluster with Cap Pearl Earring is made with 6.88g of gold.

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Identification Report
A set of marquise and pear cut gemstones arch above gemstone studded caps of two glorious very high luster perfectly round pearls in a mesmerizing pattern. A pearl earring set in a meticulously designed floral scalloped cap fit for a queen, the Cluster Earring with Cap portrays the opulence of royalty with an earring that is attainable only at American Pearl. Perfect for a wedding day, celebrity walk down the red carpet or black tie event, this pearl earring is pure luxury experienced.