GIA Cultured Pearl Classification Report

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American Pearl GIA Pearl Grading Report

American Pearl can provide you with a certificate issued by the GIA for any AAA Japanese Akoya cultured pearl necklace.

Please note that American Pearl sells only perfectly clean pearls in their Japanese Akoya AAA grade. If you look carefully at the GIA CULTURED PEARL CLASSIFICATION REPORT, these AAA pearls will receive the "Clean" grade under the "Surface" description so you know you have the finest pearls in the world graded by the Gemological Institute of American (GIA); The World's Foremost Authority in Gemology. You no longer have to worry whether or not you are getting what you pay for. Pearls found at other sources that are blemished are worth half as much as "Clean" pearls. You can count on American Pearl for the cleanest most valuable pearls in the marketplace.

In purchasing a fine strand of cultured pearls, many consumers ask American Pearl about appraisals and certificates. Make no mistake about it. An appraisal is not a classification report/certificate. An appraisal is often the opinion of the jeweler who sold a piece to you or another jeweler who has an interest in selling a piece to you. A classification report/certificate is a document issued by a non profit authority whose founders pioneered the accepted industry standard grading system for a gem. In the case of the GIA, they pioneered the grading system for pearls, diamonds and gemstones. Other documents that are marketed by jewelry sellers that do not originate from the GIA are not official.

The GIA is the unmistakable sole authority that is recognized and respected by finer jewelry establishments. No other organization is more reputable and trustworthy. In fact, the GIA is the only gemological institute recognized by Tiffany & Co. with good reason. The GIA has pioneered and established the nomenclature for grading and assessing cultured pearls in America. It is their grading system and classes which have educated jewelers across America. We are proud to introduce their Cultured Pearl Classification Report to you. To quote the GIA, "The classification report includes all of the Identification Report information as well as classifications for luster, surface, nacre thickness and matching (if applicable). This report may be issued on loose, mounted or strung natural or cultured pearls of any size, shape or color." The report is available for 6.5 x 7mm strands and larger. The GIA CPC Report is not available with the use of any coupons. Report processing times vary and timing cannot be guaranteed. Please check processing times by inquiring.

You can view a sample of a report above for a 7.5mm x 8mm Japanese Akoya saltwater cultured pearl necklace. Multiple strand necklace orders and custom orders will receive a single report for the ordered strand or a single strand without the customizations or additions to save processing time. We cannot guarantee the turnaround time of the GIA report or its delivery date.