Venetian 18K White Gold Clasp

  • Venetian 18K White Gold Clasp
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If you are thinking of purchasing a double strand of cultured pearls, American Pearl now offers a beautiful and versatile Venetian 18k white gold clasp to accent the piece and offer multiple ways to wear your favorite pearls. The clasp is designed so that each strand of the pearl necklace is strung on its own designer clasp (please see image).  Wear both strands together as a double stranded necklace by leaving the together or wear only one necklace at a time by unclasping half of the twin clasp. A built-in hidden mechanism allows the halves of the clasp to slide out from each other, separating into two unique entities. In order for the inside pearl necklace to nest perfectly inside the outer necklace, there will always be a difference of one inch between the lengths of the two necklaces. For example, you may choose to purchase a 16 inch and 17 inch double strand necklace which would total 33 inches of pearls. Her options for wear would be a single 16 inch necklace, a single 17 inch necklace, a double strand 16 inch and 17 inch necklace or a 33 inch opera (achieved by connecting the plunger part of one clasp into the receiving end of the other clasp. If versatility is her goal, nothing is more practical than the Venetian 18k white gold twin clasp.

Like other items offered by American Pearl, the Venetian 18k white gold twin clasp is made with high-quality materials that will perform well for many years to come. The innovative design of the Venetian clasp offers customers an unbeatable value. Simply add your favorite pearl strands and enjoy the freedom to wear in a variety of ways to suit every outfit.