American Pearl Appears on Fox 5 For Variety Children's Fund

When it comes to philanthropy Eddie Bakash, the President of American Pearl, has a heart of PEARLS. Everyone who knows him knows this well. He is a self-motivated person whose efforts and inclination to increase the well-being of humankind through charity and donations are undeniable. Here is but one example as Eddie Bakash receives honor and recognition from FOX-5 TV's Ernie Anastos.

Shortly after the events of 911 devasted New York City, Eddie Bakash, the President of American Pearl reprogrammed the company's e-commerce website to start taking t-shirt orders with charity Saved By A Thread to raise money for the families of 911 through VARIETY THE CHILDREN'S FOUNDATION. Shortly after, Rosie O'Donnell wore the American Pearl Saved By A Thread designed T-Shirt on television. To thank American Pearl, FOX-5 TV's Ernie Anastos invited Eddie Bakash and family on television to gift their donation.