Add Pearls Necklace Educational Video

Since 1950, American Pearl has been delivering you the world's finest pearls at Truly wholesale prices. Today we would like to introduce you to Add Pearls. If you have the lucky occasion of receiving a newborn into your family, you may be familiar with the add pearls necklace. You give a necklace to the newborn child with a given amount of pearls of a specific size and quality.

As each year goes by, you give one or more pearls for each birthday. We place the pearl on a card for easy gifting. When she reaches her 16th birthday, College Graduation or Wedding Day, she can attend the event draped in her completed cultured pearl necklace.

Add Pearls are a truly sentimental gift whose meaning will be with her for life. Family members can contribute to adding an invaluable sentiment to the completed necklace. We recommend 6.5 x 7mm as the starter size as smaller sizes will be too small for her once she matures. Our pearls are stranded only with double knotted silk thread, never with a gold chain which can discolor the pearls and ruin them over time.