8mm to 10mm Tahitian Pearl & Diamond Rondell Set

  • 8mm to 10mm Tahitian Pearl & Diamond Rondell Set
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Necklace Information   Description
stock number: TPD810  

8mm to 10mm Tahitian Diamond Necklace
A single strand black Tahitian cultured pearl and diamond necklace. Composed of 36 graduated black Tahitian cultured pearls measuring from 8 to 10mm, interspersed by 11 white gold 18K diamond rondells weighing 1.76 carats, completed by a 10mm 18K white gold pave set ball clasp.

size: 8mm to 10mm  
oyster: Silver Lip  
luster: very high  
bodycolor: Black  
shape: Round  
overtone(s): Green  
quality: AAA Quality   Shipping
surface: very clean   This product ships within a day to arrive within 3 days of the time you order it. Customized items can take longer to ship as they are hand made.
origin: French Polnesia  
waters: saltwater  
nacre: very thick  
matching: 90%   Guarantee
kind: cultured pearls   This necklace is unconditionally guaranteed by American Pearl for the authenticity of the pearls. If you are not 100% satisfied with this necklace, please return it for a full refund.
length: 16 inches  
clasp: 18K Gold & Diamond Clasp  
stringing: hand knotted