7.5 x 8mm A Quality 39 Inch Cultured Pearl Necklace

  • 7.5 x 8mm A Quality 39 Inch Cultured Pearl Necklace
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7.5 x 8mm - Generally for younger women, 26 to 29 years This is our #1 best-selling size, and the last size in the lower bracket of more readily available sizes -- a jump to the next size, 8 x 8.5mm, more or less doubles the strand's price. It's really the only size one could call neither "too small" nor "too big." It's a staple of any woman's wardrobe; she can dress it up or dress it down. It's not too showy, and it very tastefully exudes an image of importance -- a classic for the upwardly mobile career woman. It also suits very well as a wedding-day gift or a wedding anniversary gift through the fifth year of marriage. This fine quality pearl strand contains pearls perfectly matched in shape, color and luster. This strand is an A quality, the first grading out of (1) A, (2) A+, (3) AA and (4) AAA. The better the grade, the more luster the pearls have. Luster is the mirror like quality of the pearl. It is the amount of light that reflects off the surface of the pearl. Higher luster pearls with an A+ grade are more valueable than the A grade. This necklace comes standard length at 16 inches long. All the pearls are over 7.5mm millimeters and under 8mm millimeters. These pearls were farmed in the saltwater oceans off the shores of japan. This is where the inventor of the cultured pearl made his first round cultured pearl that changed the world. A great Wedding Day gift, 7.5mm x 8mm sized pearls are ideal for any women. 7.5mm x 8mm is little bit more important looking than a 7mm x 7.5mm size (slightly more youthful looking) strand. She can also wear this strand at work or dress it up for evening wear. This strand is the beginning of any woman's pearl wardrobe. It is 16 inches long and is strung with silk and a 14K Gold clasp. The quality of this strand can be seen in the chart above under A. If you are interested in a a better quality pearl strand with higher luster, please choose A+. If this is the strand for you, please request silver or rosé overtones and order. Otherwise, please visit the links below.



Low (A)
FACE="Times New Roman">Bodycolor

Shape All Round
Overtone(s) Silver or Rosé
Surface Very Clean/Flawless
Nacre Very Thick
FACE="Times New Roman">Matching

14K Gold

16 inches




Hand Knotted on Silk Thread