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American Pearl 2005 Catalog Cover

A. A single strand South Sea cultured pearl necklace. Composed of 33 graduated cultured pearls measuring approximately from 10 to 11mm, completed by an 18K white gold safety clasp. Length 16 inches. $8,800.

B. A pair of South Sea cultured pearl earrings. Each composed of a single natural color Australian cultured pearl measuring approximately 10mm, mounted in 18K white gold. $1,800.

Thousands of years ago, the pearl was at the heart of ancient Aborigine culture. Oyster shells and pearls became tribal costume decorations, and were traded for food and tools. They also believed this natural gem had supernatural powers, and could interpret dreams.

The classic white pearl cast a powerful spell on Charlie, too. As did the bountiful North Australian coastline, home to the Silver Lip Oyster, which produces this larger, rounder pearl with a rich satiny finish in white, silver or cream.

Considered the “Rolls Royce” of cultivated pearls, we are driven to present these exquisite delights from down under to the world over. As ever, there are many, many more Australian and other South Sea pearl gift ideas on our web site.

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