11mm x 13mm Round Black Tahitian South Sea "AAA" Quality Necklace

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This black tahitian cultured south sea pearl necklace is a true rarity. As you can see above, all the pearls are perfectly round "AAA1" quality pearls. When grading south sea pearls, "AAA1" quality is the highest grade pearl. As you may know, black tahitian south sea pearls come in many different colors. The pearls in this necklace have a dark black bodycolor with a green overtones. Green overtones improve the value of Black Tahitian South Sea Pearls. A necklace of this quality can only be found in the finest jewelry stores across the country. If one is interested in purchasing a black tahitian south sea necklace of this color and size for less, one must be willing to accept a necklace with spotting or baroque shaped pearls. It requires a harvest of over 10,000 pearls to pick from to compose a necklace if this quality.

Origin French Polynesia, Tahiti
Quallity "AAA1"
Luster Very High
Bodycolor Black
Shape Perfectly Round
Overtone(s) Green
Matching 90%
Pieces 39
Length 18 inches
Clasp Platinum Diamond Ball with 1.5 cts t.d.w.