Id: xr3280
# of Pearls: 39
Body Color: Black
Size: 9.90 mm
Shape: Round
Quality: True AAA
Luster: Excellent
Surface: Clean
Origin: French Polynesia
Overtone: Peacock
Water: Saltwater
Kind: Cultured Pearl
Nacre: Very Thick
Mollusk: Tahitian Pearl: Pinctada Margaritifera

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Identification Report
The necklace photographed above in the picture is the exact one you will receive if you order. This necklace includes a pearl Identification Report, using the GIA Pearl Grading System that you can view by clicking the link below called Click To see Identification Report. The pearls are expertly strung on double stranded silk thread with double knots to cushion the pearls. You are more than welcome to visit American Pearl's location in New York at 576 Fifth Avenue to view this exact necklace in person by appointment by phoning 212-764-1845.