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Learn How to Identify <br>Tahitian Pearl Quality

Learn How to Identify
Tahitian Pearl Quality


How to Buy Tahitian Pearls

With a wide variety of black Tahitian pearls farmed each year from French Polynesia, often referred to as Tahiti, you might be left with a number of questions if you are shopping for a necklace, earring or ring. To begin with, just how much are black Tahitian pearls worth? Are black pearls valuable? Are they natural color? How can you ensure that you are buying the finest quality pearls that are truly worth their stated price?

Complete the 5 Step Course Below

Your first step is to learn how to identify the quality of Tahitian Pearls. After completing the five-step quality guide course below, you'll know how to identify good pearls, what the most valuable black pearls are and, most importantly, how to describe them. Let us begin.

Tahitian Pearls <br>their varying shapes and <br>how shape affects value
Learn the full range of <br>colors available in <br>Tahitian pearls
Learn the full range of <br>Sizes in <br>Tahitian Pearls
Grading the Surfaces of <br>Tahitian Pearls
Tahitian Pearl Products