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Learn the full range of <br>Sizes in <br>Tahitian Pearls

Learn the full range of
Sizes in
Tahitian Pearls


Black tahitian pearls range from 8 to 18 millimeters in size, the average being 13 millimeters. As with any cultured pearl, a fine quality black tahitian pearl may be judged by its quality factors, but also by size. Assuming that you have a round, good quality pearl, size is the most important factor which affects value. 8mm to 12mm pearls are the most common sizes harvested. Pearls ranging in size from 13mm to 15mm are very rare. Pearls ranging in size from 16mm up to 18mm are extremely rare. Farmers, who spend their entire lives raising oysters in the wild and looking after their pearl farms usually covet these larger sizes as heirlooms, passed down in a family through succeeding generations. It is American Pearl's strong established relationships with the farmers which allow us to bring these extremely rare pearls to market.

Grading the Surfaces of <br>Tahitian Pearls