A pearl pendant is a true symbol of love as it literally rests above her heart. This precious gift is further expressed visually through the essence of the pearl; it's perfect round shape and gleaming luster. Both pearl and love are a true natural wonder for which she will always remember. We always select the finest quality pearls that are perfectly clean and extremely lustrous for our pearl pendants. Everything featured at American Pearl is custom made right here in America in our New York offices to your exact specifications as you customize your piece by clicking the customize button above each product. You can choose the metal color, metal purity and pearl color to make each pearl pendant your own. If you have additional requests for custom work, please contact us to express your preference and one of our pearl specialists will be happy to accommodate you.

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American Pearl offers Akoya Pearl pendants, White South Sea pearl pendants, Golden South Sea pearl pendants, Tahitian Pearl pendants, Freshwater Pearl pendants, Mabe Pearl pendants and even Mother of Pearl.

There are numerous advantages to purchasing a pearl pendant; one of the most popular jewelry styles available. Pearl pendants are simple jewelry items that are popular for everyday casual wear as they are understated. They are also popular for young women as their simplicity tends to make them somewhat understated for first time jewelry item. A typical pendant is threaded onto a thin cable link chain of one millimeter. The chain can be hidden in the back of the pendant or threaded through a bunny ear or single line bail that rests above the pendant.

Consumers often ask us about the length of a pendant. We believe a pendant should sit at the collar bone so the jewelry featured on the chain is clearly visible and not hidden underneath clothing. A sixteen inch necklace length will usually accomplish this. However, for taller women an eighteen inch necklace length may be needed to accomplish this. Longer necklace lengths such as a twenty two inch matinee are also very popular for fashion forward pendant styles.

All of American Pearl's pendants are hand made in the United States by American workers with gold, diamonds, pearls and world class jewelry craftsmanship made one at a time just for you.

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