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Rene Russo and Kevin Costner weren't the only things heating up the screen in the 1996 movie, “Tin Cup.” The now-classic golf movie/love story also initiated a nationwide rage for the tin cup pearl necklace worn by Russo at the film's happy-ending wedding ceremony. The piece, originally designed by Wendy Brigode, featured pearls evenly spaced along a single strand necklace. Since then, dozens of designers – featuring gems from diamonds to rubies to Swarovski crystals – have tried their hands at re-creating the popular tin cup pearl necklace.At American Pearl, we are noticing a rebirth of interest in the original pearl tin cup necklace style. While the other styles have stood the test of time, the original tin cup pearl necklace is the most majestic, of the style line, and the most versatile. Women who are participating in the revival of the style are saying that they can wear them to add a little something high-fashion to a casual outfit, or transform an already dressy outfit into red-carpet- ready.