Pearl Tin Cups

Create your own tin cup pearl necklace or choose a beautiful, classic style by shopping at American Pearl. Our extensive selection of top quality pearls ensures that you’re going to get a tin cup necklace that you adore - and that you’ll save money on your purchase. American Pearl works directly with distributors, and although we have a showroom in New York City’s Diamond District, we don’t have the overhead that many retailers do; that means more money left in your pocket when you buy a gorgeous tin cup pearl necklace from us.

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What is a Tin Cup Pearl Necklace?

Also called station necklaces, tin cup pearl necklaces feature pearls set at evenly placed intervals along a chain. This extremely popular pearl necklace style earned its name from the 1990s film starring Rene Russo and Kevin Costner. Originally designed by Wendy Brigade, tin cup necklaces are being emulated by nearly every necklace manufacturer to this day.

The tin cup pearl necklace is the perfect complement to simple, elegant styles. You can wear them with something casual or something on the cutting edge of fashion; they’re versatile and beautiful.

Tin cup pearl bracelets feature the same concept. They have pearls at evenly spaced intervals along the strand.

Our tin cup jewelry is available in white gold, yellow gold and more; we even have leather tin cup necklaces and bracelets. We use Akoya, Tahitian and freshwater pearls in our jewelry, and you’ll find an extensive variety of sizes, styles and colors in our comprehensive collection.

Tin Cup Necklaces with a Twist

We’ve added a special twist to some of our tin cup necklaces and bracelets by adding gemstones, including diamonds, at equal intervals along rope chains. These styles add a little extra panache to an already-beautiful chain, and they’re ideal when you need to take things up a notch.

Shopping at American Pearl for Tin Cup Necklaces

No matter what type of tin cup necklace or tin cup bracelet you’re looking for, you can shop with confidence at American Pearl. Each of our pearls is of the finest quality, and we sell them at deeply discounted prices.