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Appraisals and Identification Report

With every American Pearl purchase, we can furnish you with an appraisal and identification report for insurance purposes or for your personal records upon request. Please note that when American Pearlissues a pearl appraisal, it is issued at a price that one would expect to pay for such a product in a retail store. The price you purchase your pearls at is truly wholesale. This price will be lower than the appraisal value. The appraisal value represents the replacement cost of these pearls when purchased through established means of distribution. When shopping for pearls, one may find a wide range of pricing for similar items. American Pearl guarantees its price as the absolute lowest in the marketplace. It is our company heritage to deliver value to our customers-a heritage we have become famous for. Please note that American Pearl sells only perfectly clean pearls. Pearls found at other sources that are blemished are worth half as much. You can count on American Pearl for the cleanest most valuable pearls in the marketplace. The pearl appraisals we issue are issued by American Pearl on our own stationary whereby the value represents the opinion of our staff as to the fair retail replacement value in the marketplace.