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Jan 6th 2012 - Holiday Season Overview
This holiday season saw a sharp increase in demand for pearls online as American Pearl, the nation's largest catalog of online pearl products was leading the charge.

Consumers were also looking for pearl jewelry products featuring 14K gold and 18K gold. There seems to be a direct correlation between the value of the precious metal gold and the demand for gold related jewelry featuring pearls. Specifically, pearl rings made of pearl and gold were a hot selling this holiday season. In addition, consumers looked to accessorize previous items they had purchased with the matching pearls. For example, there was a sharp rise in pearl related purchases where someone bought a cultured pearl earring pair and wanted the matching necklace or bracelet to go with it.

We also so an increase for customization. Many consumers returned from a trip on their honeymoon in Tahiti with a loose pearl looking to set in a blank mounting. Or they had a Tahitian pearl pendant from their honeymoon in Bora Bora that they wanted to match an earring to.

Overall, customers were shopping for value and quality and were really receptive to good pearl deals that American Pearl presented through its daily special at this link:

For example, in the link above, American Pearl featured a natural multi color black pearl Tin Cup of size 10mm for only $250. The Tahitian pearls are assembled in a Tiffany style link chain with 9 pearls in 14K white gold. Other necklace lengths are also available.

We also so a big demand for GIA Pearls with the Cultured Pearl Classification Report where AAA Quality pearls was the driving factor. Consumers understand that the GIA is the most reputable gem trade lab and they appreciate an authentic certificate from GIA thats recognized by over 10,000 jewelry stores across America as the reputation leader for grading.

Dec 12th 2011 - Pearl sets matched at the time of purchase
Over the years, many American Pearl customers have asked us to match the pearl necklace that they have purchased in the past.  Often, our customers are looking for a pearl bracelet or earring in the future to accessorize their pearl set for other occasions; Christmas, Anniversary or Birthday.  To meet this demand, American Pearl is starting to offer pearl sets where the bracelet and earrings are matched at the time of purchase in order to insure that a perfect match is achieved.

We're starting the sets with freshwater pearls of the grey, peach, lavender, white and black colors.  Each pearl set is shown in silver to make the price attractive but can be upgraded to 14K White Gold or 14K Yellow Gold on both the clasps and the findings for the earrings.  We believe that it is important for consumers purchasing pearls to be able to identify the value of the pearl necklace, bracelet and earring without trying to understand the value of the precious metals that are associated with it.  As such consumers can really understand what pearls are worth.  In addition, because silver is so affordable, adding our signature figure 8 clasp to the pearl necklaces in silver achieve our classic look without going over budget.

The pearl necklaces featured in the Pearl Sets gallery start at the 6mm to 7mm size but can easily be upgraded to 7mm to 8mm or 8mm to 9mm.  Larger sizes are also available by phoning one of our GIA trained pearl specialists at 800-84-PEARL.

Dec 11th 2011 - recognized in the book "The Millionaire's Handbook"
As the Internet's largest online seller of fine quality pearls and offering the absolute finest quality and selection online, was recently recognized by Vicki Oliver in her new book "The Millionaire's Handbook" where she identifies American Pearl as the source for the same finer quality pearls one would find at the retailer Mikimoto; except now available at truly wholesale discounted prices directly to consumers. What could be more validating then when a third party recognizes your products as the pinnacle source for quality comparable to Mikimoto.

Here at American Pearl, when you purchase a finer quality pearl necklace, we want you to know that you are getting the best possible quality available in cultured pearls. Oliver states in her book "The Mikimoto catalog is a joy to behold. However, once you've drooled all over the pages, be like the girl with the pearl earring and canvas the Mikimoto store in person to eye the jewelry. After brushing up on luster and color, make an appointment to visit with wholesaler American Pearl, where you should be able to secure a substantial discount."

Whether you are looking for a pearl necklace, a simple pair of fine quality cultured pearl earrings or a stunning ensemble of Tahitian Pearls or South Sea Pearls for your important event, American Pearl is your pearl source for the absolute finest quality offered directly to you at the same prices that jewelry stores purchase before marking up their pearl jewelry to consumers.

Mikimoto is known for selling the finest quality in the world; a reputation that it rightfully earned. Knowing that the American Pearl brand can offer the same finer quality at truly wholesale prices, verified by a third party, is truly an honor to us. In addition, you view the testimonials section of, you'll see emails written to our company going back over a decade where consumers have put our company to the test in purchasing a fine quality pearl necklace, visiting a Mikimoto store, doing a side-by-side comparision and returning back to us to share their delight as our pearl quality grades to the same high standards of Mikimoto.

Over the years, it has become out company mission to offer the same finer quality pearls one would expect to purchase at a retail store while offering the benefits of truly wholesale discounted prices to consumers.

With a gem such as pearls this is truly important as unlike diamonds which are subject to a subtractive grading system (the best diamond is cut well and is colorless and flawless) pearls enjoy an additive grading system where luster can be low, medium, high, very high on up and there are a myriad of pearl colors. As such, one must trust the seller of pearls they are purchasing from to insure that their best quality is high enough in this relative and additive grading system that scores high enough in all grading categories.

American Pearl also offers this advice to consumers. When purchasing a fine quality pearl necklace, always purchase the best quality in your price range. There are several reasons for this. Finer quality pearls have a thicker nacre. Thicker nacre pearls make the pearls' skin more durable and give them the best chance of lasting over the years. In addition, thicker nacre pearls are usually correlated to higher luster pearls. Higher luster pearls are more beautiful and will be enjoyed more. In fact, one of the reasons why pearls have shown themselves throughout history is because of their luster or mirror-like quality. Luster or that deep glow in a pearl is truly a phenomena. Finer quality pearls also have the best chance of improving in value over time.