We sell certified, naturally colored Tahitian pearls directly from the pearl farms of Tahiti. We only offer the highest quality Tahitian pearls guaranteed. American Pearl is world-renowned for its collection of the finest quality Tahitian pearls available in the marketplace. You can purchase Tahitian pearls here wholesale at a fraction of retail prices knowing you are getting the finest quality Tahitian pearl necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets available. To learn more about Tahitian pearls, please click here

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Tahitian Pearl Background

Natural color Tahitian pearls are among the most popular cultured pearls in the marketplace today. As the world's largest internet pearl wholesaler, we specialize in natural color Tahitian necklaces of the round, baroque and multicolor varieties. Many times each year, our staff procures the top-quality Tahitian pearls from the new harvest directly from the farmers in French Polynesia. Then, these pearls are meticulously sorted for size, shape, color and luster right in our wholesale showroom at 576 Fifth Avenue in New York. American Pearl also specializes in Tahitian pearl earrings, Tahitian rings, Tahitian black pearl bracelets, tin cups and pearl pendants. In addition, our newly formed 3D jewelry design group can design any pearl jewelry piece you can imagine, model it in CAD/CAM and render a custom piece to your exact specifications, such as this custom-designed Tahitian pearl ring.

American Pearl only deals with natural color Tahitian pearls that have not been treated in any way. From dark black, grey, blue and green to the sought-after peacock-colored Tahitian pearls, we offer the most vivid colors, highest luster and cleanest pearls in the marketplace. We are so confident of our quality that we offer a complimentary GIA Cultured Pearl Classification Report (GIA CPCR) free of charge with any pearl necklace purchase. American Pearl has thousands of Tahitian pearls in stock, including white Tahitian pearls and Tahitian black pearls. However, if you do not see the exact piece you are looking for, please feel free to contact us. As we procure, drill and strand every Tahitian pearl we offer, we would be happy to create a handmade piece to your exact specifications.

The magic of natural color Tahitian black pearls, unlike their white South Sea counterparts, is in the way the dark pearl captures the light and delivers it back in an incandescent glow. In fact, when one thinks of the traditional color white, it is composed of all of the colors in the color spectrum. If a pearl's most coveted characteristics is its luster (the mirror-like quality of a pearl), it is understandable how a white pearl with all the colors in the spectrum can be lustrous. Because black is the absence of light, one questions how a black pearl, devoid of light can be lustrous. The lip of the oyster where the pearl is formed is not unlike a rainbow displaying the full color spectrum in a narrow stripe bordering the oyster's rim. Each Tahitian pearl that is created borrows one or more colors from the color spectrum and refines it into a dark-based incandescent glow forming the body color and overtone of the black Tahitian pearl. Our black Tahitian pearl bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings demonstrate the unique beauty of the darkest pearls.