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Pearl Leather Necklace Collection

There's just something about the combination of leather and pearl that creates an unexpected look that is truly gorgeous, and you'll find a stunning selection of these pearl leather necklaces from American Pearl. These are made with authentic freshwater and saltwater pearls, South Sea pearls, Tahitian pearls and many others from all over the world, and you'll get them straight from our New York City offices at a wholesale price that can't be beat.

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St Barts Necklaces
American Pearl's pearl leather necklaces come in styles with single, double and triple pearls on slim leather cords in your choice of colors, creating a customized look in your favorite shades. Tin cup leather and pearl necklaces feature numerous pearls tied off at spaced-out points along the thread of leather, while pearl and leather bracelets help to create a complete set. For something more bohemian, our latest St. Barts Ropes and St. Barts Lariats collections are based off of styles made popular in the Caribbean in the past few years. If you love the look of natural, authentic pearls but prefer something a bit more casual, a high quality piece of pearl leather jewelry is the perfect choice.

American Pearl is proud to introduce the St. Barts collection. Beautiful lustrous pearls set against the varying colors and thickness of leather to form choker, matinee, opera and lariat necklace that are the showcase of this special high-fashion pearl jewelry line. Pearl and leather jewelry is extremely popular during the warm summer season as an accessory on the beach or by the poolside. It also is extremely popular for daily casual wear. This Pearl jewelry was made popular at the island of St. Barts, a volcanic land mass that is fully encircled by shallow reefs. The style was popularized in the Caribbean several years ago. American Pearl was one of the first companies to bring this new style jewelry to America. In this section you will find round pearls and baroque pearls. You will also find freshwater pearls and South Sea pearls. Among the South Sea pearls that you will find are Tahitian pearls, Golden South Sea pearls and White South Sea pearls.