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American Pearl

Single Pearl and Cord Necklaces

For a fun and affordable look, consider a single pearl and cord necklace from American Pearl. Our single pearl and cord necklaces are made with our high-quality pearls and durable leather cord. A single pearl necklace is a great choice for gifting to a child, friend or distant relative. Each single pearl leather necklace is carefully crafted using pearls that are carefully selected according to our rigorous standards of quality. The pearls are threaded on colored leather cord. Multiple leather colors are available to customize your look.

American Pearl Offers Top-Quality Pearls

All of our pearls are graded using the Mikimoto pearl grading system. Each pearl is chosen for its exceptional quality and conformity according to a strict set of guidelines. American Pearl takes pride in offering only the finest, most rare pearls on the market. All of our pearls are evaluated according to their:

  • Size. Larger pearls are generally more valuable than smaller pearls. For a single pearl necklace on leather cord, pearls are usually medium to large in size.


  • Shape. Only round pearls are used. Shape is one of the most important factors when choosing a pearl to create a necklace with.


  • Color. Single pearl necklaces are available in a variety of colors. White, pink, silver, black and bronze pearls are all available.


  • Luster. The pearl's ability to reflect light and inner glow are referred to as the luster.


  • Surface quality. Pearls with good to perfect surface quality are used to create jewelry. The pearls are free of large abrasions or flattened parts.


  • Nacre quality. The nacre the covering on the outer layer of the pearl. It gives it its iridescent look and determines the final color of the pearl. Thicker nacres are also associated with more durable pearls.


Shopping with American Pearl

American Pearl has been in business for over 50 years. Our first shop is still open for business and is located on Fifth Avenue in the heart of New York City's Diamond District. Our longstanding connections with wholesalers and industry experts allow us to obtain rare and unique pearls at low costs. We pass those savings on to our customers, giving them great deals on high-quality pearls. Our beautiful single pearl leather necklaces come with a full money-back guarantee.