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St Barts Ropes

While we love our traditional pearl strands, we also love to keep up on the latest fashions. If you're into cutting-edge styles, be sure to order one of these customizable St. Barts pearl ropes. This unique look features a long, 2mm leather rope adorned with individual pearls. The strand can be draped and tied in a number of ways for more styling options. In fact, these strands have been seen in settings as diverse as the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean and nationally televised newsrooms. When paired with professional attire, they add a subtle touch of elegance while retaining a hip, youthful look. However, the strands can also be worn long and loose over a bikini for a sultry appearance.

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St. Barts Tahitian Rope
St. Barts Tahitian Rope

Retail Price: $3,325
Our Price: $950