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American Pearl

St Barts Necklaces

If you want to feel like you're on vacation year-round, just don one of these St. Barts pearl necklaces. With a beach-inspired look that's hip and youthful, you'll have the elegance of authentic pearls combined with a fresh, trendy style. Each of these beautiful necklaces is accented with a single pearl in the color of your choice. Depending on the necklace you select, you can have as many as three color options. The St. Barts mocha necklace also lets you select from two sizes: 10mm or 11mm (other styles come with an 11mm pearl). But the thing that truly sets this piece apart from other pearl necklaces is the 3mm brown leather cord. This adds a laid-back and casual vibe to a very elegant pearl, creating a juxtaposition that is hip while also being sophisticated.