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American Pearl

Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearl Pendants

Few jewelry pieces make more of a statement than a Japanese Akoya cultured pearl pendant. American Pearl offers a very extensive selection of luxurious, high quality cultured pearl pendants made from Akoya pearls harvested from the Akoya oyster off the coast of Japan, and you can feel confident that each of our pendants are the real deal due to their gorgeous white luster and soft, white color. With a round shape and iridescent finish, these cultured pearl pendants look stunning against white, yellow or even rose gold chains.

Browse our entire selection of Japanese Akoya pearl pendants and you'll find a number of simple pearls against a dainty chain, but you'll also notice more unique options with multiple pearls dangling from a tiered bar, pearls with diamond accents and even heart-shaped pendants with a white pearl inside. No matter the style of pendant that you're searching for, you'll find it at an unbeatable price from American Pearl.