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American Pearl
Learn the full range of <br>colors available in <br>Tahitian pearls

Learn the full range of
colors available in
Tahitian pearls


Black pearls are known for their iridescent, vibrant, almost metallic colors, unique among saltwater cultured pearls. Though commonly called "Tahitian" pearls, Black pearls are actually gray, to lighter or darker degrees. But, in addition, Black pearls have the unique ability to display a variety of colors at the same time, shimmering about their surfaces in varying shadesócolors such as Peacock and Green. The most highly prized Black pearls are those of the iridescent Peacock, Green, and Blue colors, followed by Dark Black, Grays and Eggplant. The Peacock, Green and Blue colors are extremely rare and difficult to supply. The most common color, which still commands top value is Black Green. When comparing a Black Green strand to a Peacock or Green strand, be prepared to pay up to twice as much for the Peacock and Green pearls! It is for this reason that the Black Green is the standard black pearl color that American Pearl sells. Other colors are available for a premium.

Learn the full range of <br>Sizes in <br>Tahitian Pearls