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American Pearl

Cranberry Freshwater Cultured Pearls

Nothing says love more than a deep, rich shade of red, and American Pearl's collection of unique cranberry pearls perfectly exemplify this gorgeous, romantic color. These colored pearl jewelry pieces come in a wide variety of styles, from traditional round strings of pearls to more modern, minimalist styles. No matter which you choose, you can feel confident that you're getting authentic cranberry pearls at unbeatable wholesale prices when you order from American Pearl.

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Cranberry Pearl Necklace
Cranberry Pearl Tin Cup Necklace
Cranberry Pearl Necklace

Retail Price: $420
Our Price: $120
Cranberry Pearl Tin Cup Necklace

Retail Price: $1,663
Our Price: $475
Our cranberry pearl necklaces feature rich red pearls with an iridescent sheen situated close together around a slim strand, while tin cup cranberry freshwater pearl necklaces feature a tin cup necklace setting made of yellow gold and wide-spaced pearls. For a more natural look, American Pearl even offers leather and cranberry pearl jewelry items that blend the look of luxury with a rustic flair.