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Black Freshwater Cultured Pearls

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A timeless string of pearls is one essential piece of jewelry that will never go out of style, but if you prefer something more unique than the usual white pearls, a string of black freshwater cultured pearls is a great alternative. These edgy black freshwater pearls have the same iridescent finish as traditional pearls, but their rich black color is something that everyone will notice.

AAA  8 x 9mm Peacock Pearl Necklace
7 - 8mm Black Freshwater Pearl Necklace
Double Strand Black Necklace
AAA 8 x 9mm Peacock Pearl Necklace

Retail Price: $963.00
Our Price: $275.00
7 - 8mm Black Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Retail Price: $665.00
Our Price: $190.00
Double Strand Black Necklace

Retail Price: $1,663.00
Our Price: $475.00
Triple Strand Black Pearls
Black Freshwater Rope 60"
16 to 17mm Black Baroque
Triple Strand Black Pearls

Retail Price: $1,575.00
Our Price: $450.00
Black Freshwater Rope 60"

Retail Price: $560.00
Our Price: $160.00
16 to 17mm Black Baroque

Retail Price: $3,325.00
Our Price: $950.00
American Pearl carries black freshwater pearl necklaces in spherical shapes that are made of quality pearls from all around the world. These necklaces come with single strands, double strands or even triple strands for a luxurious, high fashion look, as well as extra-long lengths for those who prefer a wrapped effect. If you're looking for something with a textured feel, we even offer baroque black freshwater pearl necklaces with irregular shapes and a natural finish.

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