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Mocha Freshwater Cultured Pearls

For the woman who always stays ahead of the latest trends, brown freshwater cultured pearls are some of most up-and-coming styles of pearls in the jewelry industry today. These edgy yet natural pearls feature rich chocolate hues and the same iridescent finish that pearls are known for, and they add a bit of depth and a pop of neutral color to any outfit. Browse American Pearl's entire selection of chocolate freshwater pearls to discover the rich look of this unique, in-demand jewelry trend.

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60 Inch Mocha Rope
Complete set of AAA Quality  6.5-7.0 mm Mocha Freshwater Pearls
60 Inch Mocha Rope

Retail Price: $560.00
Our Price: $160.00
Complete set of AAA Quality 6.5-7.0 mm Mocha Freshwater Pearls

Retail Price: $1,135.00
Our Price: $325.00
8mm Mocha Necklace
8mm Mocha Lavendar Pearl Necklace
8mm Mocha Necklace

Retail Price: $840.00
Our Price: $240.00
8mm Mocha Lavendar Pearl Necklace

Retail Price: $875.00
Our Price: $250.00
8mm Multicolor Mocha Pearls
Mocha Keshi Baroque Choker
8mm Multicolor Mocha Pearls

Retail Price: $963.00
Our Price: $275.00
Mocha Keshi Baroque Choker

Retail Price: $2,888.00
Our Price: $825.00
American Pearl offers both freshwater and Tahitian pearls in deep brown shades, as well as a number of necklace styles to suit any woman's tastes. Round chocolate pearl chokers and baroque chokers have a slim fit that is perfect for daytime wear, while elongated ropes of brown pearls have a layered look that is dressy enough to wear for formal occasions. Whichever style you choose, you'll find the latest in pearl jewelry trends at wholesale prices at American Pearl.

Freshwater mocha pearls are very unusual and similar in look to the candy-colored confections you might find at your local candy store. Exhibiting brilliant luster and a deep mocha brown body color, these freshwater pearls are truly phenomenal. Relatively new to the pearl jewelry industry, freshwater pearls must be seen to be understood. True, many pearl connoisseurs believe that pearls should be natural in color. However, these mocha freshwater pearls are simply too much fun to be ignored. After introducing our mocha line of pearls, American Pearl was astonished at how popular they have become. Available in simple pearl chokers, pearl tin cups, multicolor Mocha pearls, long sixty inch ropes and, of course, mocha earrings. Mocha pearls are also available in the Tahitian Pearl variety as well. Both freshwater mocha pearls and Tahitian mocha pearls are color-enhanced. The process by which these pearls are treated is guaranteed for life by American Pearl.

Similar to mocha freshwater pearls, American Pearl offers a full line of cranberry freshwater pearls that are equally captivating. Please look at our full line of mocha freshwater pearl jewelry and cranberry pearl jewelry coming soon.