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American Pearl

Tahitian Tin Cup Necklace

Type: Tin Cup Necklace
Dimensions: 8mm Pearl Size, 16 inches Necklace Length
Gold Purity: 18K
Gold Color: White
The Tin Cup 8mm x 8.5mm Necklace is made with 1.76g of gold.
# of Pearls: 3
Body Color: Black Green Tahitian
Size: 8.00 mm
Shape: Round
Quality: True AAA
Luster: Excellent
Surface: Clean
Origin: French Polynesia
Water: Saltwater
Kind: Cultured Pearl
Nacre: Very Thick
Mollusk: Tahitian Pearl: Pinctada Margaritifera

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Identification Report
This classic and fashionable Tin Cup style was made popular by the feature film Tin Cup where Renee Russo was featured throughout the movie wearing this style of necklace. Hand made and admired for its fine detail, this Tin Cup necklace features 9 fine quality cultured pearls stationed just over an inch from one another. This necklace can be worn casually or dressed up for evening wear.

Sale Price:$800.00