Tahitian Multicolor South Sea Pearl Necklaces

If you're looking for a piece of pearl jewelry that is sure to stand out, choose one of these exquisite Tahitian pearl necklaces from American Pearl. Each one of these multicolor pearl necklaces features an array of shades that show just how versatile and unique this type of gem truly is. Often known as "black pearls," Tahitian pearls are known for their rich color saturation. Though the rarer types feature a dark, true black tone, they can actually be found in a range of colors from white to black. But what makes these pearls undeniably eye-catching is the ever-changing shimmer that can be detected when these colored pearl necklaces catch the light. Hints of green, blue, aubergine, peacock and other diverse shades can be seen glimmering on the surface of these dark pearls, creating a breathtaking look that's perfect for special occasions. View Certified Identification Report

A number of options are available when selecting a Tahitian multicolor pearl necklace from American Pearl. You can find pearls of varying sizes as well as necklaces in different lengths. Some necklaces combine lighter-toned Tahitian pearls while others have a darker overall appearance. Though these necklaces are striking on their own, they become even more beautiful when combined with a matching pair of Tahitian multicolored pearl earrings or a lovely Tahitian pearl ring.

Although Tahitian pearl multicolor necklaces can be found at other jewelers, the ones you'll find at American Pearl offer a combination of beauty and authenticity that you won't find elsewhere. Plus, our prices are lower than the competition, allowing you to get an amazing deal on a piece of keepsake pearl jewelry. Each of these multicolored pearl necklaces comes with a Certified Identification Report that uses the GIA Pearl Grading System. Therefore, you'll have tangible proof that you've invested in a high-quality, authentic piece of pearl jewelry. Find the best prices on luxurious pearl jewelry by shopping online at American Pearl or visiting our Manhattan location in New York City.