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Id: FQ827
Gold Purity: 14K
Gold Color: White
The Medium Huggie Pearl is made with 2.34g of gold.
# of Pearls: 2
Body Color: Tahitian Black
Size: 10.00 mm
Shape: Round
Quality: True AAA
Luster: Excellent
Surface: Clean
Origin: French Polynesia
Overtone: Green
Water: Saltwater
Kind: Cultured Pearl
Nacre: Very Thick
Mollusk: Tahitian Pearl: Pinctada Margaritifera
Gemstone: Diamond
# of Diamonds: 16
Total Carat Weight: 0.25cts
Size: 0.10 mm
Shape: Round
Clarity: Vs1: Very Slightly Included
Color: G (nearly Colorless)
Cut Grade: Ideal

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Identification Report
A simple and classic Pearl Huggie earring opens with a hinge intersecting the bottom half of this perfect circle. A round AAA quality very high luster dangling pearl is set beneath the hoop giving it motion and movement which adds interest to the worn piece. A line of round brilliant diamonds are set within the front contour of each each earrings outer arch.

Sale Price:$1,350.00