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Baroque South Sea Pearl Earrings

When you’re searching for baroque South Sea pearl earrings, you know that you need to find high quality pieces in beautiful settings. Whether you’re looking for yourself or you need a gift for someone else, American Pearl has what you need.

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Girl with a Pearl Earring - Pearl and Diamond
Eide in Black Tahitian Cultured Baroque Pearl Earring
Coin Freshwater Cultured Pearl and Diamond Euro Earring
Retail Price: $1,313
Our Price: $375
Retail Price: $788
Our Price: $225
Retail Price: $1,450
Our Price: $395
11 x 12mm Baroque Freshwater Pearl Earrings
10 x 11mm Grey Drop Freshwater Pearl Dangle Earrings
11 x 12mm White South Sea Pearl Drop and Gemstone Earring
Retail Price: $475
Our Price: $150
Retail Price: $475
Our Price: $150
Retail Price: $5,775
Our Price: $1,650
You'll find a wide variety of pieces in our extensive selection, including gorgeous pearls in a number of shades, sizes and styles that are well-matched to each other.

Baroque South Sea Pearl Earrings from American Pearl

Our wide variety of baroque South Sea pearl earrings, which come directly from the crystal-clear waters near Tahiti, includes hook earrings, clasps and posts. You'll find a number of colors and designs, as well as those accented with spectacular and brilliant diamonds, because we know you have your own style.

The South Sea pearl earrings you'll find here feature gorgeous overtones in pinks, greens, white and yellows; we even have pearls in unbelievable lavender shades.

South Sea Pearl Earrings: Rare, Valuable and Beautiful

Because the oysters that produce South Sea Tahitian pearls rarely live long enough to produce pearls, they're extremely rare.

You'll find South Sea pearl earrings in our collection that feature AAA luster, very thick nacre and brightly polished finishes. Each pearl we sell is professionally graded and evaluated by its:
  • Size. Larger pearls are typically more valuable than smaller pearls.
  • Shape. Round pearls are more desirable than irregularly shaped pearls.
  • Color. Pearls come in warm and cool colors, and usually, they're range from light to dark. Often, a pearl's color comes from the type of oyster that created it.
  • Luster. A pearl's luster is its ability to reflect light.
  • Surface quality. Smooth surfaces are more valuable than ones marred with abrasions or flattened parts.
  • Nacre quality. The nacre is the iridescent coating on the outside of a pearl. Thicker and more solid the nacres are more valuable.

Buying Baroque Pearl Earrings from American Pearl

We've been in the pearl business for more than 50 years. Our 5th Avenue shop, located in the heart of New York City's Diamond District, deals directly with the people who harvest these rare, unique pearls. That means we're able to pass our savings on to you, resulting in you getting amazing deals on top-notch pearls.

We're committed to your satisfaction with every purchase, and when you shop with us, you're getting only the best. American Pearl is a proud member of The Jewelers Vigilance Committee and The Cultured Pearl Association of America, and we stand behind every pair of baroque Tahitian pearl earrings we sell.