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Necklaces from $4000 to $5000

Now that you have selected a price range that you are interested in, you can actually view the range of cultured pearl necklaces available. American Pearl always recommends purchasing the finest quality strand in your price range. Finer quality pearls have the best chance of improving in value over time. In addition, finer quality pearls have more of those qualities for which people are enamored with pearls.

Pearl Overtone

All pearl strands are available in
Silver or Rosť Overtone.
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8 x 8.5mm Japnese Akoya Collection Quality Cultured Pearl Necklace$4,100.00
TRUE AAA Quality 8.5mm x 9mm Japanese Akoya natural color Cultured Pearl NecklaceRetail Price: $40,600.00
Our Price: $4,100.00