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American Pearl

Mother of Pearl Earrings

Mother of Pearl earrings are a unique type of pearl jewelry made of the beautiful, iridescent coating that that makes up the outer coating of pearls and the inner layer of mollusks. If you prefer something a bit more unique than a traditional pair of studded pearl earrings, American Pearl's Mother of Pearl earrings are a great option because they can be molded into a number of other shapes other than just the traditional spherical pearl.

This beautiful material is used to line the insides of hoop earrings, flower-shaped studs and even star-shaped dangling earrings, making these earrings the perfect choice for any occasion. Shop with American Pearl and choose from Mother of Pearl earrings in shades of soft pink, white and purple, as well as settings in white or yellow gold.

American Pearl carries this authentic Mother of Pearl at low prices that you won't find anywhere else, all because we eliminate the middleman and sell it at wholesale prices from our New York City warehouse.