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American Pearl

Mabe Pearl Earrings

With one flat side and one rounded side instead of the usual spherical shape, mabe pearls are different from any other type of traditional pearl. American Pearl carries these unique pearls, which are often known as "half pearls," in the form of gorgeous mabe pearl earrings in a variety of styles. They are always used in stud or slightly dropped styles because of their flat side, but otherwise, our authentic mabe pearl earrings each feature their own unique details that truly set them apart from the rest.

When it comes to American Pearl's mabe pearl earrings, gold shades of yellow, rose and white gold are some of our most popular styles. Simple circle studs are perfect for everyday wear, while options with ornate gold swirls and diamond accents will dress up the rest of your outfit for a formal occasion. When you order from American Pearl, you'll even get all of these high-quality mabe pearl earrings for wholesale prices that you won't find anywhere else. For other mabe pearl jewelry, including mabe pearl rings and necklaces, browse our collection at American Pearl.