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American Pearl

Keepsake - 16mm Freshwater Biwa Keshi Pearl

Product ID: KSBW2

This freshwater Biwa Keshi pearl measures 16.2mm x 15.4mm x 6.2mm. This pearl exhibits a white bodycolor with silver overtones. Lake Biwa in Japan is home to the finest quality most unusual freshwater pearls in the world. In fact, Biwa pearls are world renowned for their high luster, brillliant colors and beautiful shapes. In addition, this pearl is also known as a Keshi pearl. Keshi pearls are natural pearls or a bi-product of the culturing process. During the process of making a cultured pearl, farmers sometimes find natural pearls. In other words, a Keshi pearl is identical to a natural pearl, except for the fact that the oyster was touched by human hands before the Keshi pearl was found. Because of this, technically, we cannot call this pearl a natural pearl. Most recently, the production of pearls from lake Biwa has completely diminished as a result of polution; making these pearls even more rare. AMERICAN PEARL™ has made available a handful of its Biwa Pearl Collection to our customers. As a keepsake, you can gift this paragon of a pearl to her to mark a sentimental moment in your life. At any time, you are able to return back to American Pearl to have this special pearl set in a necklace or ring. You may even match it up at a later date for earrings. This pearl is truly one of a kind.

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