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American Pearl

Keepsake - Loose 13.2mm Black Tahitian Cultured Pearl

Product ID: KSBT4

Tahitian black pearls are the most exotic and mystical of all pearls harvested in the world. Adding to this mystic is the broad array of colors that this peculiar Silver Lipped oyster from French Polynesia delivers. The lip of the oyster is not unlike a rainbow displaying the full color spectrum in a narrow stripe bordering the oyster's rim. This pearl borrows the green gray color from the black Tahitian color rainbow and refines it into a a dark incandescent glow. This pearl is an A quality, the highest grade of the A, B, C and D nomenclature assigned to grade these pearls. As a keepsake, you can gift this paragon of a pearl to her to mark a sentimental moment in your life. At any time, you are able to return back to American Pearl™ to have this special pearl set in a necklace or ring.You may even match it up at a later date for earrings. This pearl is truly one of a kind.

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